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This is somehow both an exquisite takedown and the total perfection of the Ted Talk format, at the same time.

-Jody, BL Show-

Well that escalated… perfectly.

Star Trek: The Best of Optimistic Science Fiction


One of the things I really enjoyed about Star Trek, both the Original Series and The Next Generation, is the tone of science fiction that it is. What I mean by that (and I’m sure there is a better word or phrase for it somewhere), is that the reason that Star Trek has science fiction elements is because of the vision of the future it has- Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future.

Here’s an example of what I mean with the tone of science fiction. The other big Star franchise, Star Wars. Why is Star Wars set in a science fiction setting? Star Wars could easily have been (and in many ways was inspired by) a kind of samurai adventure film. But instead, Luke and Leia live in a world of laser swords, droids, and spacecrafts. The reason this is done is largely because it strengthens the main tone of the film- of an adventure. By setting the adventure in a science fiction setting everything gets to become bigger in scope and scale. Instead of going to other countries we go to other planets! Instead of fighting with steel swords we use light sabers that can slice through steel doors! Instead of fighting wild animals like wolves we can fight a Rancor or a Wampa! All of this is towards the effort of making everything feel more alien, and in turn, making it seem more adventurous, more exciting! That’s what Star Wars is about, the excitement of adventure, and that’s why it’s set in a galaxy far far away.

Compare this to something like Shadowrun, the role playing game that combines magic and cyberpunk on a future Earth that is torn apart by corporations that rule everything. In other words, it is a kind of dystopian science fiction. The reason for all of the advanced technology in Shadowrun is to showcase the decline of humanity. It’s to show how surveillance technology can be restrictive, how dangerous new weaponry can be for the average citizen when you put corporations in charge of not only the weapons but the regulations, and how adding cybernetic implants into you may power you up, but it ultimately chips away at your humanity. In other words, technology is very, very powerful, and in the wrong hands (as it always is in the Shadowrun universe) it can lead to our ultimate corruption if not destruction. Shadowrun has advanced, sci fi technology to show how it can ruin us.

Not so in Star Trek.

Humanity has advanced both technologically and morally in the Star Trek universe. There is still conflict, yes, but it is never insurmountable and humanity cannot be broken down. No matter how much Q may claim that humans are nothing more than barbarians on the cosmic scale, Picard and his crew will always be there to prove him wrong, to show him that humans can do so much more than our past seems to indicate.

Star Trek takes place after a long period of strife (such as The Great Eugenics Wars of the 1990s). This is noted as one of the worst periods in human history in the canon of the shows, and it is only after those terrible times that humanity was truly able to rally together and invent warp technology and put themselves on the galactic map (being discovered by the Vulcans and yadda yadda yadda). Star Trek sets this up as a deliberate contrast so we can see exactly how terrible and how wonderful humanity can really be. The future as portrayed by Star Trek is at first a terrible one, but it says that eventually, if we work hard enough, we can achieve greatness and even better than that, we can achieve goodness. 

This isn’t all to say that everything is a utopia or perfect, even far from it. There is still conflict, and issues of morality, and even war. Morally grey situations will always exist. Differences between people will always exist. A “perfect” society is never actually perfect from some point of view. That’s just the reality of the universe we live in.

But that doesn’t mean we stop trying. And that’s the kind of science fiction that Star Trek is. It is a world where the advanced technology and the aliens and distant worlds are all part of humanity’s need to keep trying. Star Trek’s vision of the future is one of hope, where technology isn’t scary because it isn’t used that way. It’s used for good, as much as it can be. Sure, it’s used as weapons. But it’s also used to create food out of subatomic particles. The reason that Star Trek is set in the future, in a science fiction setting is to show how progress can be made both morally and technologically, and how it is never hopeless to give up on that dream.

Star Trek is often touted as being about philosophy, and that’s true. It’s a kind of science fiction thought experiment, but it always has the precept that at its core, humanity has the greatest capability for good.

And that’s why Star Trek is so beloved. Because it is science fiction with optimism at the core. Science fiction that knows that the future can and will be great and good.

I disapprove of Thor’s Gender swap. Not out of Fedora wearing Fandom, as I don’t even read superhero comics. I disapprove because it’s a symptom of a plague in the industry. Politically motivated editorial mandates for media hype. Gender swapping Thor won’t fix the issue of women in comics. Making Spiderman black won’t fix the issue of racial inequality in comics. These issues are rooted in the psyche of the industry and its consumers. You can’t wash them away by throwing out years of story and character building to rebrand an already iconic character. Nick Fury only worked because it was Samuel L Jackson. Every other attempt has been a failure. If you want to address the issue, you have to start from scratch. Create a unique character who exists as a Woman/Black person/Transgender/etc because it’s who they are. Tell stories about THEM. You can’t just slap tits on Thor and call it a day.
But Marvel knows this. This isn’t about changing the industry. It’s about generating good PR, and media hype, all the while artificially spiking falling sales by playing on fans rage. And it seems like the worlds buying in to it.
Call me back when an actual female lead shows up. Preferably without a tit window.

My friend on Female Thor. He hit the nail on the head. (via takacomics)

i mean they’re not totally wrong, but i’ve seen at least two reviews along these lines and both writers were white so. marvel HAS created solo titles for women— storm is finally getting her own run and the new ms. marvel is desi (and her books sell out, so), and it has created plenty of original poc characters and i’m seeing a bit of a trend here.

and OP is also discounting the importance of legacy characters re: representation— ultimate spider-man is miles morales, who’s afrolatin@. sam wilson deserves his own storyline outside of ‘being cap’ but when he was the falcon, the comics base (and writers) ignored him and i’m not sure that remender will do him justice anyway. but he doesn’t suddenly turn into NOT SAM WILSON just because he’s taking on the captain america moniker. heroes switch identities all the time, why’s it suddenly a problem if sam takes over for steve or thor’s temporarily a woman?

and what about all those kids who’re black or latin@ who imagined themselves as spider-man but were told that it’d never happen? well guess what, now they’ve got miles morales. the new ghost rider is robbie reyes. SIEGFRIED is black in the new loki series (idk if he always was, but it was a pleasant surprise for me).

legacy characters— many of them poc— gain an already-established base who would probably skip over an original title. if miles morales got his own series as i dunno, THE ARACHNID or something, you can bet he wouldn’t have gotten half as much attention or press or loyalty as he did as ultimate spider-man.

so is it a market ploy? sure, the motivations behind assigning these characters legacy titles involves some market string-pulling, but the comics end of marvel has been actively bumping up its efforts to diversify.

the cast of avengers academy has jenny takeda (biracial japanese), ken mack (hawai’ian), humberto lopez (latin@), brandon sharpe is gay, half of the runaways are also either poc or lgbtq (sometimes both), the young avengers has been shifting members, but eli bradley is a legacy character (his granddad is isaiah bradley ffs), kate bishop took over as hawkeye, billy and teddy are a steady couple (and with their background, billy and tommy are both jewish and rroma), you have prodigy and america chavez…

so sure, turning thor into a woman might not do much other than freak out the fedorabase and give the media something to talk about, but if you wanna pretend that thor and cap are marvel’s only attempts at representation, you can miss me with that. there have been plenty of original characters on new teams, it’s no one’s problem but OP’s if they’re not looking for them. MCU is a different (trash) story entirely, but if we’re talking about the comics, ultimate and 616, then OP and whoever OP quoted from are wrong as fuck

(via astrodynamicist)

Also as a small point, they didn’t just turn Thor into a woman. That is literally not what happened. There is a COMPLETELY NEW CHARACTER that we do not know about yet that is taking up Mjolnir and the mantle of Thor and becoming the hero Thor, while Thor Odinson does something else (with a robotic hand I guess?). This at least partially invalidates the point in OP’s post.

I just got called by what I am almost positive was a robot with decent voice recognition. I’m almost impressed actually.

Sick of fat pirate dragon-worshipping feminists like you



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i’m not even gonna respond to the hateful part like you surely know you’re trash already i’m just gonna proudly be a fat pirate dragon-worshipping feminist

i’m assuming everybody who gave this notes also identifies as a fat pirate dragon-worshipping feminist and is equally confused as to which of the many possible meanings the title could be referring to

Emergency Commisions! Please help and signal boost!


Hi, guys! As some of you may know, recently I’ve been having a hard time of things and this month has become exponentially worse. On top of my usual problems with depression and PTSD and stuff, I lost my job earlier this month. Then, two days after that, I received a letter from my school saying that, since I made a payment late two months ago, I must pay my bill in full by the end of this month, or they will add $2000 to it and send it to collection. IF THIS HAPPENS, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND SCHOOL ANYMORE. I owe my school $5000 at the moment, and without a job, there’s nothing I can do about it. The school doesn’t care what my circumstances are - they just want the money.

Now, I’ve had a couple job interviews, but the chances of me getting hired before the end of the month are slim to none. Chances of me earning that much money by the deadline is pretty much 0. Therefore I am turning to commissions and tumblr, for this, the final stretch. 

I am offering jewelry, crochet, and writing commissions. I am also going to provide editing and tutoring services at a discount. 

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There is also a donate link on my page now, for anyone who wants to help out but doesn’t want a commission, or wants to give me more for a commission, or whatnot. People who donate will have my eternal gratitude and probably a portion of my soul, no lie. 


Thank you guys so much for reading this and everything. I love you all!